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The Story of Exploroo

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Every great website has an even better story behind it, and Exploroo is no different. How did Exploroo start? Who are the main people who helped develop it? Where did this idea come from? Let’s begin…

(If you don’t know what Exploroo is, head over to this page and find out.)

frankOn January 1st, 2004, Frank Guerra was diagnosed with Tinitus, a rare condition that causes an unbearable ringing sound that Frank  had  in both ears. You could just imagine how much stress this would cause, and due to Frank being unable to work effectively for over 2 years, he lost the small fortune he had previously amassed.

Hungry for ideas to pass the time when he could not sleep at night, Frank consulted friend and fellow Exploroo shareholder Michael Prichard ( Michael suggested Frank consider investing in domain names. Due to the lack of quality domain names available and the poor selling market at the time, this caused Frank even more stress.

One of the first domains Frank registered was, which he still owns today. Frank has always had a desire to run a successful travel website, so after some planning, he eventually developed While this satisfied some of his desires, he was not totally happy with the effectiveness of this website. He knew he needed something bigger, and a more brandable domain name that people would easily remember.

After brainstorming over 500 different names, most of which were unavailable, Frank made a breakthrough. He took the name explore, removed the re off the end, and added roo from the word kangaroo, thus creating Exploroo. Being Australian, Frank knew the worldwide popularity of the word kangaroo and the symbolism of unbashful exploration it represented.

He quickly rushed over to his favorite domain registrar and checked to see if it was available. All this at 3 Am on the 7-5-2008 To his delight, it was! He fumbled around, looking for a credit card that would work. Finally, he found one, and Exploroo, as well as over 30 related domains, were his.

Over the next 6 months, Frank assembled a top quality team of like minded people who saw the same vision that Frank did. One of these people, Andrew Macgregor, introduced Frank to a business associate of his: Daniel Lew. After a few weeks of friendly back and fourth conversation, Frank divulged his big plans for Exploroo. Daniel saw the need for a powerful travel related social networking site and was instantly captivated. Daniels strong work ethic and belief in the original concept has been a major asset in the development of Exploroo. This strong bond continues to this day, and everybody is excited about the future prospects of Exploroo! Frank has even brought on board his two sons, Evan (22) and Daniel (18), whose primary role will be helping youth travellers, while having active input on the operation of the site.

The Exploroo team strongly believes they have the next big thing, a great social network which will allow travelers from everywhere in the world to share their exciting travel experiences!


Exploroo has launched!

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What do you get when you mix together a travel website, Facebook, an article directory and a group of very active web forums?


Exploroo is an online network that offers travel enthusiasts a place to join together, share previous travel experiences, decide on new places to visit, and book future vacations, all quickly and easily  by connecting travelers with  travel agents directly all in one site.

roologoExploroo allows you to utilize a vast network of active travelers who love to share their experiences and guide others on how to get the most out of their vacations. Having trouble deciding which hotel to stay at while visiting the Gold Coast? No problem! Just browse through the many members who have previously traveled there, pick one and send them a quick message. In no time, they will respond with their personal opinion on which Gold Coast hotel has the best bar and where the best beaches are. Don’t want to ask someone personally? Head over to the frequently visited forums and see if someone else has asked a similar question. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in the forums that rival any travel website.

Looking for a more visual representation of what to expect before you plan your next vacation? Exploroo has it covered! There are a wide variety of photos and videos posted by people who have actually traveled to the locations you are interested in. And these are not the kind of images you see in normal travel brochures, with hired models and photoshopped backgrounds. These are actual photos that truly represent the experience you will be receiving when you go on your trip.

Looking for more general advice on travel written by experts in the field? Then head over to the article section, where you will find everything you need to know about traveling safely and having the most enjoyable time possible. From “8 Tips for Traveling and Packing Light” to “A Guide to Taking your Dream Mediterranean Cruise”, almost any travel question or concern can be solved by taking a quick look through the article section.

Finally, when you are ready to book your trip, don’t even bother going to see your travel agent. You can book complete trips right from the Exploroo website! Chances are, it’s going to be a lot more cost effective and you will receive a lot more for your money than booking through a traditional travel agency.

If you are looking to travel, don’t waste any more time. Head over to Exploroo today!


Who is Frank Guerra?

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frank21Frank Guerra was born in 1957 at Innisfail Australia to the late Frank Sr. and Sylvia. Raised in an Italian family, Frank was the youngest child. He had two older sisters: Gloria and Marian. Frank attended the local good council school, where he was an excellent student. He was always athletic, excelling in the local rugby league and cricket .

After completing his education, Frank worked on his families’ sugar cane farm for many years.  He enjoyed short stints in the real estate industry as well as being employed as an express courier. About 25 years ago, Frank discovered network marketing, and has been hooked ever since. He fell in love with the idea of meeting new people, who ran their own unique small businesses, as he traveled the globe.

As Frank traveled through New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and USA, he made many good friends. Frank has finally settled in Bangkok, where he is the CEO of a network marketing company, Xansiam.

Frank eventually decided to start a family. He now has two sons: Evan, who is 22 years old, and Daniel, who is 18. Both his son’s have an active role in operating Exploroo!

Frank looks forward to continue developing new friendships and exploring new ventures in the world of social networking!


Innisfail, Queensland

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If you find yourself traveling down the east coast of Australia on the picturesque Bruce Highway, take some time and explore Frank Guerra‘s hometown, Innisfail! Located just over 1,000 miles away from Brisbane, this traditionally agricultural region is branching out and developing burgeoning fishing and tourism industries.

With a very small population of just under 10,000 people, Innisfail offers a quaint village feeling with friendly people and lots of sights to see and exciting activities to partake in. Innisfail is well kwown for 3 great rugby league players lional Williamson, Kerry Boustead and Current Australian representative player Billy Slater in 2008 he was voted best player in the world, to catch up with the local rugby league team go to

sugarOriginally inhabited by aboriginal people for thousands of years, a shipwreck off the coast in 1872 forced Europeans ashore to seek shelter. Dazzled by the beauty of this area as well as it’s abundance of natural resources, the Europeans decided to settle here. The settlers started developing the sugar industry, which was the driving force behind the eventual development of this town. More and more European immigrants began to settle here, helping to further develop the sugar cane and banana industry. There are large populations of Italians, Greeks, and many other ethnic groups who form a diverse and culturally compelling community here.

fishermanIf you are an avid fisherman, or just want to spend some time on the water, Innisfail does not dissapoint. Located near two major rivers and relatively close to the ocean, Innisfail offers some of the best freshwater as well as saltwater fishing anywhere in Australia. You can charter a small fishing boat with a guide to take you offshore, but there are also numerous locations on shore that offer action packed fishing.

A great attraction to visit while around the Innisfail area is the Paronella Park. Just outside of town, this Spanish inspired tourist location has survived fire, several floods and a cyclone to continue wowing visitors with it’s beautiful botanical gardens and multiple waterfalls. This is a beautiful place to wander through and soak in the sights. You can go exploring alone, or take one of the many daily guided tours of the grounds.

Innisfail gained worldwide notoriety when in 2006, Cyclone Larry ripped through the town causing severe damage. Not only were many homes severely damaged or destroyed altogether, the banana and sugar crops, which are the main economic drivers of this small community, were wiped out. And the town has since made a very strong recovery.

Innisfail is a great town to visit. To really understand what Australia is all about and to appreciate locations off the usual tourist path, you should really spend some time in small towns like Innisfail. You will gain a greater appreciation of the history and importance of the area!


Daniel Lew – COO of Exploroo

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Daniel founder of Globe Search was introduced to Frank through a friend and business associate, Andrew Macgregor. The day they met, they instantly created a strong bond based on their similar interests in domain investment, marketing and the internet. This bond has manifested itself into a very strong business and personal relationship.


Daniel Lew - COO Exploroo

One day, Frank introduced Daniel to a great idea and business plan for a project he had been thinking about for a while. Because of their great friendship, as well as their common Australian background, Daniel was more than happy to sign on and agreed to Franks offer. The combination of 25 years of network marketing experience that Frank had and the 15 years of marketing and SEO experience had ensured this project was going to be successful.

There were four main reasons why Daniel believed Franks idea was going to be successful:

1.    The Name: Exploroo, a combination of explore and kangaroo, is very brandable and easy to remember for potential clients

2.    The Niche: The travel industry is one of the largest in the world. It is also underserved by innovated new ideas and websites

3.    The Network: Injecting a social network structure into a travel related website is a very popular idea

4.    The Affiliates: The two tier affiliate marketing system has been proven successful in the past, and with Frank and Daniels passion and drive,  it is sure to be effective.

Daniel currently serves as the COO and is the second largest shareholder of Exploroo, which is registered and trademarked in Australia.
Explore Who? Exploroo!


Mohsin Hamza – Exploroo

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Recently we have brought Moss (Mohsin Hamza) onboard. I must say Moss being a close friend and serious business man, He will fit well into Exploroo.

Mohsin attended a boarding school in Dublin from the age of 7. He began his  professional life as a trainee accountant working for a practice of Chartered Accountants in Dublin. After a 2 year stint he left for the UK to study Computer Science. Mohsin graduated in 1986 with an honours degree from the University of Hertforshire. Upon graduating his career as a computer professional began in the City of London. He worked in the City for seven years. His final three years were as a consultant specializing in back office investments settlement systems. As a consultant his customers included Shaw & Co, Bank Mees & Hope and Bankers Trust.  In 1994 Mohsin moved to Thailand. Soon he discovered the value of ecommerce and was one of the first pioneers to open a full ecommerce site selling silver jewellery. This business grew very fast and in 1998 he started his own factory to manufacture the online orders.  The business continues to grow. Mohsin has a wealth of ecommerce business knowledge having built up a good size business solely on the internet.

Today he lives in the countryside a short drive from Bangkok with his wife, 2 daughters and one son.

Daniel Lew, Frank Guerra & Mohsin Hamza

Daniel Lew, Frank Guerra & Mohsin Hamza


Hotel Backpacker

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One of the most exciting and cost effective ways to travel around the world and discover real local culture, not just tourist destinations, is to backpack. Up until now, backpacking information has been very hard to come by. You either had to know somebody who has already been on a backpacking trip, or search long and hard on the Internet for obscure sources of information. This is no longer the case…

Hotel Backpacker is a revolutionary new website that connects active backpackers with all the information and resources they will need to plan and enjoy their backpacking trip.

No longer do you need to stumble around multiple web sites to decide on a destination, book a flight, hotel and adventure tours. Your whole trip can be booked with just a few clicks on the Hotel Backpacker website.

Hotel Backpacker offers information on hotel bookings, from budget hotels to 5 star luxury resorts. You don’t have to get stuck in a cheap hostel anymore. Plan everything before you leave and you will have a much more enjoyable time.

Don’t even bother looking at another website for flight and travel information. All travel arrangements can be made right through the Hotel Backpacker website. Thousands of flights are just a click away. Many times, they can be found at discounted prices.

What fun would a backpacking trip be without some adventure? Hotel Backpacker offers numerous global adventure packages, provided by Isango travel. You don’t have to look long and hard for all this information. Hotel Backpacker has everything you need.

Also, Hotel Backpacker keeps you up to date on current travel warnings and potentially dangerous traveling situations through their daily updated news and warnings pages. This is extremely important because you don’t want to unknowingly travel into an area where you or your family could be put at risk of harm.

Hotel Backpacker even has something for the avid sports fan. Numerous pages of up to date information and scores from around the world are provided on the Hotel Backpacker website. Looking for some sports memorabilia? Hotel Backpacker offers a wide variety of jerseys, t shirts and many objects branded with your favorite team’s logo. Go have a look! We are sure you will find something you like.

If you are planning a backpacking trip, head over to Hotel Backpacker. Not only will you find a wealth of information, you will be able to save some money and get some great deals on you next adventure.


Australia’s Social Culture

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It’s always a great time to plan a trip to Australia. The weather is beautiful, the beaches are amazing, and there is always something exciting to do. There’s no reason not to go and enjoy yourself!

KangarooBefore you leave, though, it is probably best you learn a little bit about Australia and what to expect on your trip. This way, it will be easier for you to immerse yourself into the local culture and experience the beauty Australia has to offer as if you were a local, and not one of those uneducated tourists who just visit the major attractions and miss out on the vibrant local culture. (You know who I am talking about, the people with huge cameras, floral print shirts and multiple colorful drinks with tiny umbrellas in them!)

What is the social scene like in Austalia?
Australians love to have fun, all the time! Whether it is a major holiday or just another Wednesday night, there’s bound to be a party somewhere! Depending on your interests of personal tastes, you can head to a big city like Sydney and experience the cosmopolitan charm of the land down under, or you can head closer to the outback and enjoy a more traditional experience. (Maybe even Vegemite and some ‘Roo meat!)

An even better idea is to try and meet some people who will be traveling to the same area of Australia as you before you leave and make plans with them.Sydney That doesn’t mean you will have to spend the whole trip with them, but meeting up with someone who has traveled to Australia before and knows their way around can really add to the overall experience. There’s nothing like meeting up with someone who knows the best small pub on the outskirts of Sydney that no other tourist knows about and mingling with the locals all night long. Those are life experiences you can tell your grandkids about!

A very easy way to meet people who will be traveling to Australia and make plans to meet up is to head over to the social networking travel website, Exploroo! There, you will find a vast array of active travelers who share their photos of past trips, write in their blogs about their experiences and possible future travel plans, and are looking for people just like you to meet up with on their next trip to Australia.

If you are planning a trip to Australia, it is best to educate yourself on their local culture and meet up with more experienced travelers who can guide you around the best spots that guidebooks never mention.


Brisbane and The Gold Coast

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When visiting Australia, many people focus on the outback and traditional Australian culture. They want to see things like the Olgas, the Great Barrier Reef and Kangaroos hopping down a dirt road. But the truth is, Australia’s metropolitan areas have just as much beauty and are just as exciting. One of the most beautiful areas to visit is the Southeastern coast of Queensland, more specifically Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

brisbaneBrisbane is a very large tropical paradise with almost 2 million residents. With a very warm climate and beautiful weather, Brisbane is a destination of choice for many people who visit Australia. There are many attractions to see and many different ways to soak in the Australian culture. Why not rent a bike for the day and ride around the almost 30 km of dedicated bike trails that follow the Brisbane river? If that’s not your thing, head over to the botanical gardens and check out the beautiful and colorful plants they have. Do you like wildlife? Take a trip to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the first of it’s kind anywhere in the world. Not matter what your interests are, Brisbane has something that will keep you amused.

It does not take that long to travel from Brisbane down to the Gold Coast. All you have to do is hop in a car or on a bus, and take a very short trip south.

The Gold Coasts largest attraction are its beaches. Meticulously groomed and always busy with beautiful people, the beaches are a great place to relax all day, work on your tan, and even go surfing. There is nothing like spending time in the nice, warm sun, splashing around in the water and forgetting about the stressful life that awaits you when your vacation is done.

After a day of hanging out on the beach, the Gold Coasts many incredible restaurants and lounges are a great way to finish off the day. With so manygoldcoast different choices, you’re sure to find something you like. From traditional Australian food, to Asian fusion, and upscale French restaurants, The Gold Coast has it all. Don’t worry about finding a place to stay overnight. The Gold Coast has many trendy hotels in many different price ranges that will definitely satisfy your needs.

If you are looking for some metropolitan fun in Australia, Brisbane and The Gold Coast is where you want to be.


Australian Wildlife

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One of the most exciting and interesting things you will see when you visit Australia is the diverse wildlife that resides there. Whether it be in the outback, on the Great Barrier Reef, or in one of the many protected wildlife reserves or sanctuaries, the wildlife that you encounter will amaze you, and it will be an experience you will never forget. Don’t forget you camera, because you’ll want to share these photos with all your friends!

koalaWhen most people think of Australian wildlife, they think of Kangaroos. While it is true there are an abundance of kangaroos in Australia, there are also many different species of land animals that call the Australian outback home. How about the Koala, the Dingo or the Tasmanian devil? The diversity of land animals in Australia is second to none. Even better, most of the land animals are endemic to Australia (they only occur there), so nowhere else in thee world will you see a red kangaroo, a spotted quoil or a southern hairy-nosed wombat!

There are over 800 species of birds and other flying creatures that call Australia home. Did you know that the Emu, whichemu is native to Australia, is the second largest bird in the world, second only to the ostrich? This is just one example of the many interesting birds that you will find in Australia. Birds are a little harder to find in the outback, because they like to hide in trees and out of sight of tourists, but if you look hard enough or head to one of the numerous wildlife sanctuaries and take a guided tour, you might be able to spot a few.

fishThe Great Barrier Reef is home to many different species of marine animals. Not only are there turtles, dolphins, whales and numerous fish, there are actually a wide variety of species that only occur on the Great Barrier Reef, and not anywhere else in the world. The best way to see these creatures is to go scuba diving or go for a tour in a glass bottom boat. It is important not to forget to check out the surrounding coastline for even more interesting species, like the Saltwater crocodile, the largest species of crocodile in the world.

No matter what region of Australia you travel to, you are sure to find some interesting species of wildlife that you will not find anywhere else in the world.